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Edwin Freitas


Ed Freitas is a Certified Fire Investigator and partner at Splaine and Freitas Fire Investigations.

Ed is also currently a Captain on the Canton Fire Department and serves as their lead fire investigator with over 25 years of experience on the department. Ed joined the company as a part time investigator 1995 and became a partner in 2008. Since then, Ed has gone on to become certified as a fire and explosion investigator by NAFI, CFI and IAAI.

Ed enjoys his work as a fire investigator because it involves not only physical work but also a great deal mental thought. He enjoys not knowing what the next scene will bring, from a small one room fire to an explosion that levels multiple buildings, no two days are ever the same at Splaine and Freitas Fire Investigations.

One of the keys to Ed’s success as a fire investigator is his willingness to get dirty at scenes, to provide thorough evaluations and develop answers based on the evidence while remaining impartial throughout the entire process.

Ed has committed himself to his profession by continuing to further his education and certifications and establishing himself as a trusted expert in the field. Ed is a Licensed Master Electrician which also allows for the evaluation of electrical causes or possibilities. Ed is also certified as an evidence collection technician by the IAAI which allows his firm collect and store evidence.

Splaine & Freitas

Fire Investigation Certifications & Designations


International Association of fire investigators IAAI


National Association of Fire Investigators NAFI


Certified Fire investigator IAAI


Master Electrician license


Professional Firefighters of Massachusetts PFFM


International Assosciation of Firefighters IAFF


Certified Evidence Collection Technician IAAI


Fire and explosion investigator NAFI

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