Fire Origin & Cause Investigations

IAAI-CFI and NAFI-CEFI certified investigators providing comprehensive Origin and Cause Investigations.

Origin & Cause Investigations

The associates at Splaine and Freitas Fire Investigations are IAAI-CFI and NAFI-CEFI certified investigators providing comprehensive Origin and Cause Investigations. Fire cause and origin determination is a branch of causation forensics and is the applied science of determining where, how and why a fire was started. Origin and Cause Investigations also often involves the analysis of a fires effects and damages on property and life.

Through careful observation, testing and the interpretation of smoke, heat and fire effects on combustibles and materials, a professional fire investigator can help determine the area and origin of a fire. Origin and Cause Fire Investigators use a specific methodology to help determine the origin and cause of a fire in any type of fire scene from vehicles to factories.

Splaine and Freitas Fire Investigations has decades of experience in Origin and Cause investigations from both the private and public sectors. They draw upon their deep knowledge and experience to provide comprehensive origin and cause investigations for the legal and insurance industries as well as property owners.

We provide the expertise necessary to obtain your desired results. Our Investigators are capable of providing critical expertise for both 1st party and defense projects. Splaine and Freitas Fire Investigations is a full service company equipped to meet all of your fire investigation needs.

Splaine & Freitas

Fire Investigation Certifications & Designations


International Association of fire investigators IAAI


National Association of Fire Investigators NAFI


Certified Fire investigator IAAI


Master Electrician license


Professional Firefighters of Massachusetts PFFM


International Assosciation of Firefighters IAFF


Certified Evidence Collection Technician IAAI


Fire and explosion investigator NAFI

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